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Mapping projects on request

The Mapa GIS department has gained considerable experience in collecting mapping information in the field.  Just tell us what geographic information you require and we will use our knowledge, the tools that we developed over the years and our skilled personnel to provide you with the most accurate and suitable information you need.


Alternative street names database – comprises the various variations of names of settlements and streets.  This layer can be employed for supporting the standardization process carried out in the course of data improvement.  This table is constantly updated concurrently with the updating of the database.  Each user can also expand the synonyms database to create individual alternative names to ease the standardization process.

OCX component

A software component that performs standardization and information compatibility check on addresses inputted into the database by comparing with the addresses database based on GISrael.

The component was designed to make it easier for the developers to obtain an output with the name/code of a settlement and/or name/code of a street in an unequivocal and uniform manner – exactly as the names are displayed in the Mapa company map.  The OCX component can be integrated within an application.  OCX incorporates a list of the street names and settlements from our updated mapping database.  Purchasers continue to receive updates of the component after purchase.  The database used by the OCX component also contains the list of synonyms.

Address Matcher

Software for standardizing address lists. Standardization is effected by the manner in which the addresses are recorded in the GISrael database.  The software offers an interactive mechanism and an automatic mechanism, both of which operate on the database and its various layers, making it an important tool for geocoding.

Alphanumeric Lists

based on the GISrael database

These lists consist of an alphanumeric product (data tables) of all nominal information from the GISrael database produced as per the customer’s requirements.  The following lists are based on the GISrael database and are therefore fully updated.  The tables can be obtained in any customary alphanumeric format.  The lists are particularly suited for customer service, search mechanisms, etc.

Some of the most outstanding alphanumeric lists that we supply:

List of settlement names – a list with about 2,000 names of settlements and settled locations (such as industrial zones).  This table is structured as a column with the name of the settlement and a column with its official state code.

List of street names – composed of names of existing streets in the GISrael database.  This table is structured as a column with street names, a column with settlement names, a column with the official state code for the street (if there be such), a column of the official code for the settlement.