GISrael in 3D

GISrael in 3D 2018-03-10T16:29:00+02:00

Three Dimensional Geographic Information Database

Launching a new GISrael database – GISrael 3D Landmark

Mapa  recently  commenced construction  and distribution of a new database containing 3D buildingmodels.These models complement and augment the well known GISrael information database.   The 3D models include known     public buildings, as well as other buildings that rise prominently in their environment.  The Landmark display serves as a complementary navigation element, facilitating spatial orientation for GISrael database users.

GISrael 3D database is arousing interest among current and new customers who wish to add 3D capability to the traditional methods of working with a two-dimensional database.

This database offers a number of outstanding advantages:

  • GISrael 3D, constructed by advanced work methods is offered in several resolutions, making it adaptable to the capabilities of graphic engines in various applications that will be using the database.
  • GISrael 3D supports currently prevalent GIS applications on the market.
  • GISrael 3D can be integrated in GIS applications capable of displaying 3D models, such as ESRI: Arc, ArcGIS and Explorer Globe tools, or those of Mapinfo: Vertical Mapper, Engage and Google Earth, among others.
  • GISrael 3D is routinely updated, monthly adding new models to the database.
  • GISrael 3D is constructed employing the familiar work methods of GISsrael, combining long-range planning and anticipating various future directions of the marketplace.
  • GISrael 3D enlisted for constructing the database the services of the finest experts in constructing models of uncompromising quality and accuracy.
  • GISrael 3D is equipped with anchoring to any coordinate network desired.
  • GISrael 3D has the capability of constructing models on request, in accordance with any customer requirement.
  • GISrael 3D has the capability of expanding the model according to customer requirements and adding to its internal space – including room layout, texture, objects, etc.