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GISrael NAV is geographic information database addressing all aspects of the navigation market.  The database contains information relevant to planning travel routes, taking into account permitted travel directions, speed limits, type of road and road signs.  GISrael NAV is the most comprehensive database in Israel for planning  travel routes and navigation guided turn by turn.  The database was assembled by Mapa over many years while creating and maintaining close contact with companies that developed navigation  systems, such as Destinator, TelMap, LocatioNet, Nav&Go, among others.  The special relationship that developed, was useful in understanding the special needs of a good and efficient navigation system.  Its foundation stones were constructing a comprehensive topology for the road layer, the ability to separate different levels of the highways, exact  definition of the highway network according to the needs and requirements of navigation systems, collecting turn restrictions in a manner which  enables to maintain them easily and conveniently, house numbers for locating addresses, POI layer, and much more.  The important fundamentals constructed during that period constitute a tremendous advantage when compared to a database that was constructed in a theoretical manner only.  The experience gained over the years brought us to creating one of the finest navigation databases in the world, highly praised by the leading companies in the field, in Israel as well as overseas.

GISrael NAV serves as the foundation for navigation systems employing diverse platforms and technologies:


GISrael PRO is the geographic  information database, containing house numbers, POI, public institutions, administrative information and much more.  This database provides a complete solution for marketing strategy.

Geographic information  system may benefit your business in several  areas like: planning  new branches location  information on competitors locatiob and more.   Using geographic information databases for business purposes is a highly developed field in Israel.  It integrates with the BI (Business Intelligence) concept, namely employing information technology in a manner that will improve and increase the efficiency of the organization’s business performance.   The concept of integrating business information with  geographic information ,  leads to a different perception of various situations and enables taking the   correct decisions.  The GISrael PRO database provides the solution for using geographic information in the most effective manner.  The database contains all relevant information and the possibility of overlaying it with additional relevant information from other sources. click here to view GISrael’s database specifications

GISrael Light is a database intended to serve as a visual background layer with limited  search options.  The common use for this product is in  basic command and control systems.   The database contains  names of streets, settlements, public institutions and fuel stations.  Since the internal information in the database has been reduced, it does not contain, for example, house numbers in the streets or the topology and information enabling routing.  This database was created in response to demand by customers and business partners for a reduced cost database enabling simple applications for small businesses.  The database is sometimes also used to help a business or organization enter the geographic information field, and after this move has proven itself, the systems are upgraded to more advanced types. [link to specifications] click here to view database specifications

GISrael Raster image maps – database composed of scanned original files of the complete Mapa Gold Atlas.  Raster maps are image maps available in specific formats and characterized by their very high graphic and cartographic quality.

Scanned high-resolution maps from the Mapa Gold Atlas

  Although a stand-alone product for background maps, it is compatible with the geographic information database and thus complements it.   Raster maps, produced by graphic artists and cartographers employing professional tools. The quality achieved in the final product is such that is very hard to find in  vector maps produced with advanced GIS tools.

  • Spectacular computerized maps on urban and interurban scales (1: 150,000, 1:100,000, 1:13,000, etc.)
  • The maps were prepared and checked manually by cartographers and drawn by graphic artists.
  • Maps can be accompanied by the corresponding printed products: Israel Atlas, Gold Atlas, 1:250,000 map, among others.
  • The maps can be geo referenced to any coordinate grid at the customer’s request.

These maps are updated whenever a new edition of the atlas is published.