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GISrael – The  Ultimate Complete Israel Database

GISrael database offers a perfect solution for the emerging market of Satellite Navigation ( SatNav), geographic information system (GIS)  and location based services (LBS) .  Our database makes it possible to provide your business with the most accurate, comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date information, all on a single user-friendly platform.  Just tell us what your needs are and we will see to a creative, comprehensive fast solution. The database offers accurate and updated geographic information layers, starting with addresses , geocodes and POI, through accurate mapping of transportation in Israel, businesses, public institutions, leisure and vacation spots, all in user friendly format and easy to insert in various applications.  We invite you to discover the various applications of the database and to find the most suitable product for your business. 

The GISrael database has many advantages, such as: nationwide coverage, topological links within and between layers, data organized in details tables with documentation and customer support capability, a robust backbone that facilitates maintaining, deepening and improving the database layers, professionalism of those who carry out the work, innovation and creativity, as well as striving for perfection in the product submitted to the customer.


 mapping with DGPS equipment

*        Scope

          The database covers the entire area of the State of Israel, and includes information on the Palestinian Autonomy areas.  The database contains data on all the settlements in Israel.  The database, integrating the full road map of Israel with city and town maps, is overlaid by many and varied information layers suited for any application you may require.  GISrael also contains maps of rapidly expanding towns and cities, such as Modi’in- Maccabim- Re’ut, Shoham, Elad, Rosh Ha’ayin and Kochav Yair, alongside maps of Arab settlements.

*        High update level

          The database is updated daily and is constantly expanding.  GISrael distributes the database updates to customers who purchase subscriptions to the updates.  Do you require daily information from the field?  Only we can provide it to you in real time and with maximum accuracy.

*        Geocodes

          The database contains complete data for automatic location of all urban addresses. Using an extensive house numbering method which includ house numbers, Block numbers, public buildings and points of intrest. Together with powerfull synonime database and software we deliver the easiest way to locate address.

*        Navigation

          The database contains complete data for use by satellite navigation, extracting travel directions, tracking consecutive turns, connectivity at interchanges, bridges and tunnels, and turn restrictions at intersections (including no U-turn). 

*        Offering a choice of formats

          The database is sold in standard formats suited to most GIS systems used in Israel, graphic formats, ASCII formats and additional special formats adapted to the customer’s requirements.

Improved graphic design of information databases

Our maps are designed by the finest graphic artists in Israel that specialize in cartography.  Such design produces an attractive and clear display on the computer monitor and enables esthetic and colorful printouts.

You may purchase information from the database that is adapted to your needs:

Digital products

*        GISrael mapping for navigation – a nationwide continuous geographic information database (GIS), with complete coverage of all highways and roads in Israel, and all streets of more than 1000 cities and towns throughout the country.  The database provides a complete solution for all matters of transportation and navigation in Israel.  It can be supplied in three principal forms: vector database, raster database and alphanumeric database, which are further subdivided as follows:

          Special database suitable for navigation:

*          GISrael NAV is an information database that permits planning a trip route and navigation.  This database contains all the information in GISrael PRO, plus a layer of turn restrictions.   From this database, a special business mapping database was prepared.

          The GISrael NAV database is used today in varied navigation systems: mobile phones, palm computers and internet map sites.

*          GISrael PRO is a nationwide information database that includes house numbers, sites, public institutions, administrative information, etc. This database provides a complete solution for marketing strategy, opening branches, information on competitors, and any other area in which geographic information may assist your business.

*          GISrael Light is a database intended to serve as a visual background layer of the Israel map.  It contains all visual information in the information database, including names of streets, towns, public institutions and gas stations.  The internal information of the database is reduced, thus it does not include, for example, house numbers on the streets.

*          GISrael Topo topographic mapping – the database integrates the best of the contents of Mapa databases.  It contains all contour lines at a vertical spacing of ten meters, plus special markings showing the topographic direction of the surface.  This is the only digital nationwide database that contains complete updated vectorial coverage of all highways and roads in Israel, sute for navigation.

          The database is suitable for various computer applications, such as navigation, command and control, fleet management, etc.  The database can be obtained in various formats and is adapted to all accepted GIS platforms.

*        GISrael Carto automatic Cartographic mapping – raster files produced from the Mapa GIS database by an automatic cartographic process.  The database is continuous over the entire country and there is no need to invest tiresome work of matching sheets and colors.  The database is supplied with anchoring to the desired coordinate grid and can be produced on any scale desired by the customer.

In preparation: GISrael Traffic – dynamic traffic database

In preparation: GISrael Vision – digital Geo referenced image

GISrael Raster image maps – a database composed of the source files of the Complete Mapa Gold Atlas.  Raster maps are image type maps in specific formats distinguished by very high graphic quality.

Information layers of POIs (points of interest): public institutions, health fund clinics, movie theaters, ATMs and any other point of interest to the general public.

Additional products and services

In addition, we can produce printed products from the database:

GISrael Publishing – atlases and maps a selection of atlases and maps based on our geographic information base.