About GISrael

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GISrael is the leading and most experienced geographic information database in Israel.  Since its establishment more than 20 years ago by “Mapa – Mapping and Publishing Ltd.” it has never ceased to update and renew itself.  At present the Mapa GISrael department, headed by Hezi Levy, graduate of Tel-Aviv University in geography and one of the finest cartographers in Israel, is the largest civilian cartographic department in Israel.  The GISrael database fully covers all settlements in Israel, even such that are not officially recognized, as well as all urban and interurban roads and highways in Israel.

GISrael Motto – Always facing the future

When Mapa founded the GIS department, Geographic Information Systems in Israel were still in their infancy.  Our vision was to create a database that would enable the development and flourishing of new markets: business mapping, satellite navigation, as well as various location based services.  This was not an obvious course for a publisher specializing in publishing and distributing books.  Not only was GIS technology still complex and expensive, it was totally different from the technology used by the Mapa publishing company.  The market for geographic information databases was very small, consisting of a few dozen potential customers, most of whom had their own professional databases.  A great deal of vision and faith (and a considerable gamble) were required to enter this new sphere.

And even now, our vision today is the reality of tomorrow.  We are incessantly trying to anticipate technological developments, trying to determine how to provide the future needs of our customers, often before they themselves know what they will need.  GISrael is already undergoing a process of expansion and renewal.  Among our innovations: the company will soon begin to construct mapping services by means of the MMS system – a mobile photography and mapping system, a unique Israeli development, capable of providing information with an accuracy of centimeters.  The company is also in the process of erecting a 3D database, capable of displaying three-dimensional structures, to be incorporated in future navigation systems.  Many other innovations are awaiting our customers.