Automatic Cartography

Automatic Cartography 2018-03-10T16:33:25+02:00

The cartographic information database is a process for automatically producing raster files from the GISrael geographic information database.  Suitable for all application types, the database overlays with complete accuracy other vectorial information database products.  Besides the cartographic and graphic aesthtic advantege of the map, achieved by integrating know-how gained by Mapa with capabilities of ArcGis software, the product offers additional outstanding advantages:

  • GISrael CARTO is produced from the information database containing all settlements at a high mapping level, all of which are displayed in the product.


  • GISrael CARTO enables the end user to view maps that are very similar to printed map products.

  • GISrael Carto is continuous over the entire country and there is no need for the tiresome work of fitting sheets and colors.

  • GISrael Carto is produced on any scale desired and required by the customer.

  • GISrael Carto can be gro referenced to any desired coordinate grid.

  • GISrael Carto is updated and produced quarterly.

  • GISrael Carto, combined with one of the vectorial products in the GISrael product basket, provides a complete solution for a variety of users with different requirements.