Tracks and Topography

Tracks and Topography 2018-03-10T16:31:41+02:00

Mapa geographic information database for navigating outdoor and country areas

topobikesGISrael Topo – In addition to paved roads, GISrael Topo database also contains tracks that we recently mapped.  These tracks have been checked and mapped by field teams that traversed each track and checked its traversability.  The database enables routing in the field using various applications, according to pre-selected criteria such as strain, vehicle type or walking.  GISrael Topo is the sole vector database in Israel suitable for outdoor navigation

The database contains all contour lines at a vertical spacing of 10 meters (20 meters on steep cliffs).  We added a special marking to the contour lines in the database that describes the topographic slope direction. We also integrated in the topographic database thousands of points of interest relevant to field navigation.  The sites were collected with the help of the finest Israel geography experts.

We integrated in GISrael Topo the best information contained in Mapa databases, creating for you the ultimate information database for field navigation.

In GISrael Topo you will also find all the information you need for navigating from any settlement to any point in the field (one-way streets, turn restrictions, interchanges, road types), as well as additional information layers, gas stations, tourist information (leisure and entertainment sites, etc.).

GISrael Topo is suited for various computer applications, such as navigation, command and control, managing vehicle fleets, etc.  The database can be obtained in different formats and it is suited for all common GIS platforms.