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GISrael Mail E-mail

postThe Postal Authority is operating an organizational GIS system for managing mail delivery districts

The Postal Authority introduced an interactive system for planning and managing the mail delivery districts.  The system was developed and established by the Systematics company with ESRI (ArcSDE, ArcIMS) tools, as an organization system with a central database.

“Rear View” System E-mail

"Rear View", an information and control system, is used by the Home Front Command in coping with various events that could occur in peacetime or in wartime.  The system is designed to provide current information for supporting decisions during crises that may occur due to a variety of reasons, such as launches of missiles / Katyusha rockets toward Israel, acts of terror, natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.) or disasters resulting from human actions (accidents with hazardous materials, plane crash, building collapse, etc.).




System providing information on road traffic based on data from the cellular system based on ITIS Tr E-mail

Do you sometimes wonder how nice it would be if you had current information on the road traffic in order to be able to decide when and how to drive?  Have you discovered that the ordinary traffic reports are sometimes out of date?

It is known that one of the most useful features that a geographic map could offer are traffic conditions on the road network that it displays. 


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Personal Navigation System for Palm Devices E-mail

New navigation system for U-Drive vehicles

How many times did you find yourself looking for an address on the way to an appointment?  How many hours a week do you waste looking for a parking lot?  The children are starving -is there a restaurant nearby?

All these problems are now solved by the PDASPA u-drive navigation system in collaboration with HEKOSOFT of Germany. 

Strategic Cooperation between MIRS and MAPA E-mail

mirsIn the past year MIRS adopted GPS, maps and navigation as part of its leading marketing strategy.

Close cooperation between MIRS and Mapa, resulted in most MIRS end units enabled to serve as mobile geographic platforms, facilitating a variety of geographic applications.


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